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Get ready for a virtual adventure through the African savannah! Start with an educational video journey with stunning footage of your favorite creatures or switch to immersive 360 VR mode and get closer than ever before.

Afterward, you’ll transform your room into the Africa savannah by bringing holograms of lunging lions, ziggy zebras, enormous elephants, and seven other animals to life using your iPad or mobile phone. Get super close, analyze their anatomy, ‘touch’ them, and don’t forget to take awesome pictures!

Now that you’re on your feet, the next step is to get a birds-eye view of Africa! Go on a google earth scavenger hunt where you’ll explore water holes, famous national parks, and other landmarks, powered by live streams. But it doesn’t stop there! Tune your engines with digital workbooks that will have you speaking basic Swahili, expanding your safari vocabulary, and sharpening your short-term memory.

Understand like a global citizen as we break down Africa into bite-sized first principles covering geography, country profiles, local culture, languages, economics, and history for you to truly understand and empathize with a foreign world.

Throughout your entire journey, you’ll enjoy stunning photography provided by Christian Del Rosario, a professional UN wildlife photographer, and end with a short video from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to learn how you can help save baby elephants and rhinos.

Explorers are motivated to complete quests to collect badges and can earn gold to redeem a ZooCard, other souvenirs or save for their next virtual field trip.

Join us on a one-of-a-kind virtual field trip today! Perfect for grades K-3 and COVID-19 homeschoolers, included with a Zoptiks membership.

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