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Hop into your time machine because you’re going to a Jurassic Jungle! This immersive, interactive and educational virtual field trip is the perfect adventure for curious explorers looking to learn more about dinosaurs.

You’ll start off with an interactive video journey to learn about the top 10 dinosaurs or hop into immersive 360 VR mode to roll your way through a Jurassic Park tour.

Afterward, you’ll bring 4D holograms of a T-Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl along with seven more creatures to life. Get super close, analyze their anatomy, ‘touch’ them, and don’t forget to take incredible pictures with them for the photo album.

That’s not all though! We’ll embark on a Google Earth Voyage to discover ‘The Day Dinosaurs Died”. All with guided tours and critical thinking questions to help you learn and understand.

Practice what you learned with interactive VARK workbooks where you’ll play fun learning games, master your memory, and improve your vocabulary. If you’re a teacher, plug and play our included interactive classroom curriculum.

Explorers are motivated to complete quests to collect badges and earn gold to redeem a ZooCard, other souvenirs or save for their next virtual field trip.

Perfect for grades K-5 and COVID-19 homeschoolers.

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