Ocean Explorer Virtual Field Trip Trailer

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Strap on your scuba suit because you’re about to go on a big blue adventure to the ocean! Start with an interactive, educational video journey with Ellie the Explorer and learn about the ocean (K-2) or become a diver in immersive 360 VR mode and float with your favorite ocean creatures.

Afterward, you’ll transform your room into a life-size aquarium by bringing holograms of bashful blue whales, jiggly jellyfish, grouchy great white sharks, and seven other creatures to life using our app free 4D hologram technology. Get super close, analyze their anatomy, ‘touch’ them, and don’t forget to take awesome pictures with them for a photo gallery of the ages!

Once you’re on your feet petting your favorite fish, the next step is to exploration get a satellite view of Earth! Go on a Google Earth Voyage where you’ll explore the world’s oceans and discover fascinating nooks and crannies. But it doesn’t stop there!

Fill up your brain with knowledge with interactive VARK workbooks where you’ll speak like a pirate, mastery your memory, and improve your ocean vocabulary. If you’re a teacher, plug and play our included interactive classroom curriculum built on Google Slides to explore with your class. (Common Core and NGSS aligned).

Explorers are motivated to complete quests to collect badges and can earn gold to redeem a ZooCard, other souvenirs or save for their next virtual field trip.

Join us on a one-of-a-kind virtual field trip today!

Perfect for grades K-5 and COVID-19 homeschoolers, included with a Zoptiks membership.

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